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Vita News is a form of experimental media created by the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies at FJCU. We report on stories related to social innovation and entrepreneurship. In other words, we report on people trying to solve old problems with new solutions: small-scale farming, open government, cultural innovation, service learning, youth startups, popular theater, community-based enterprises, universal design, serious games, and other similar topics.

Written style, images, audio, video, maps, infographics, pictures, and GIFs are all tailored for each individual report, helping to bring out the heart of a story that often gets missed in writing alone.

Our site employs Responsive Web Design to guarantee a user-friendly experience on PC, notebook, tablet, or mobile phone.

We’ve also adopted Creative Commons licensing — all of the 6,000 reports available on Vita News can be redistributed as long as it’s for non-commercial purposes, you cite the source, and you ShareAlike. We’d like to welcome you to visit our site, share our content, make suggestions, and give us a like on our Facebook page.

Hsin Chuang News

Hsin Chuang News was first published in 1987 as the experimental newspaper for teaching purposes at the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University. It is a community-oriented newspaper operated wholely by the students.

The students organized themselves into a self-governing editorial board that includes the editor, the deputy editor in chief, and the editor in chief. The newspaper consists of four sections: city administration, life, society, and culture/education. The students cover relevant news and events of the Hsin Chuang City community in all of the four areas.

Hsin Chuang News Website

They are also in charge of other aspects of operation of the newspaper such as advertisment recruitment, publishing, and circulations. The purpose of this experimental newspaper is to let students have hands-on experience of the operation of media and media work so that they can reflect on professional ethics and missions, enhance their capabilities in covering/editing news, and explore the future trends of development of media communication.




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