In accordance with the principles of holistic education, the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies offers students a comprehensive theoretical and professional training in journalism and speech communication. It aims to cultivate students’ professional competence in their major fields of study and propensity for public service.

Considering the availability of educational resources, the importance of developing professional skills, as well as the societal needs, our curriculum focuses on:

1. Interdisciplinary course design, especially in journalism and speech communication

2. Cultivating students’ ability in critical and reflective thinking, and their ability in exploratory innovation required for news and information industries nowadays

3. Strengthening students’ commitment to society and community, and engaging themselves in service learning

4. Preparing students to become a professional journalists with both historical and global perspectives

We are dedicated to provide our students with opportunities to develop capabilities in at least four aspects:

1. Capability for critical thinking

2. Capability for implementation

3. Capability for innovation

4. Capability for making a difference for society




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